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8 Warning Signs That Your Home Needs To Be Rebuilt!

You might not realize it at this point, but your home is under attack daily. From the outside, natural elements like wind and rain wear away at your house. And from the inside, humidity and temperature fluctuations slowly take their toll. Eventually, all those little nicks and dings add up until your home’s structure is no longer safe – and then it’s obvious that you need home rebuilding services.

It may be time to rebuild your home in Suwanee, GA. Many homes in our area have been damaged by storms recently, one of the signs of a home rebuild.

J & E Restoration Pros bring you eight signs of a home rebuild. Remember that this isn’t an exhaustive list – every house is different, so use your best judgment!

1. Your Home Is Over 50 Years Old:

If you had built your home before 1970, it might not have been built to today’s standards. Building codes and practices have changed significantly in the last few decades, so homes over 50 might not be as safe or sturdy as newer homes.

2. You’re Starting To See Cracks In The Foundation:

Cracks in your foundation are a big red flag that your home requires rebuilding. Foundation problems can lead to other issues, so getting them fixed as soon as possible is important.

3. Your Windows Doors Open And Close With Difficulty:

If your windows and doors start to stick or jam, it could signify that your home needs rebuilding. That can provoke all sorts of problems, from drafts to structural damage. The sensible decision is to book home rebuilding services in Suwanee!

4. You See Mold Or Mildew:

Mold and mildew are not only hideous but can also be dangerous for your health. If you catch sight of mold or mildew in your home, it’s a sign that there’s too much moisture. A leaky roof or pipe could cause that.

5. There Are Cracks In Your Walls Or Ceilings:

Cracks in your walls or ceilings are one of the signs of a home rebuild. These cracks can cause drafts and let moisture and pests into your home.

6. Your Energy Bills Are Rising:

If you find your energy bills skyrocketing, it could be because of drafty windows or insulation in the house. Maybe there’s a leak somewhere, and those things don’t work properly anymore?

7. Your Home Is Making Strange Noises:

If you hear strange noises from your home, it could signify that your house is shifting, which means your home needs rebuilding. Things like settling or erosion can cause that. If you’re concerned about the noise, it’s best to have a professional take a look.

8. Your House Is Sagging:

If your house starts to sag, it’s a sign that the foundation is failing. That is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. If you’re unsure whether your house is sagging, it’s best to have a professional take a look.

Homeowners should start a new claim as soon as they see these red flags. Nobody enjoys going through the hassle and stress of rebuilding their home. Still, if necessary, J & E Restoration Pros can help make it go smoothly as the best experts in home building services in Suwanee!

When disaster strikes, you need an expert who can help get your home back up and running. We have years of experience; if you want to rebuild your home near Suwanee, GA, after a natural event like a hurricane or flood – contact us today!